Free Science
Discrimination is a pervasive reality in the scientific world. It’s also a hidden reality. That’s because most professors and students hide their views on intelligent design, surrounded by an environment of intimidation, fear, and intellectual conformity. Professors extensively qualify their views to protect their careers. Students stay silent in the face of hostile instructors. Even here at the CSC, we don’t put pictures of our Summer Seminar attendees’ faces online. This is self-censorship. It exists because academia is quick to make an example of dissenters and mavericks. Don’t believe us? Here are their stories.


Scott Minnich
Scott Minnich testified before the court during the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial in 2005. He explained how his experiments on the flagellum reinforced Behe’s hypothesis. His role in this high-profile case disturbed the University of Idaho. Read More ›

Richard Sternberg
Richard Sternberg published a peer reviewed article by intelligent design proponent Stephen Meyer. As a result, Sternberg lost access to his office, to specimens, and to research assistance. Staff of the U.S. House of Representatives led an inquiry. Read More ›

Günter Bechly
Günter Bechly is a paleo-entomologist with many discoveries to his name who worked at the prestigious State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany. After expressing some sympathy with intelligent design, he was increasingly marginalized and shown the door. Read More ›

Eric Hedin
Eric Hedin explored intelligent design among other topics in an interdisciplinary course. For this he was investigated and his course canceled. Read More ›

Don McDonald
Don McDonald was pressured to demonstrate allegiance to Darwinian evolution before being allowed to continue his dissertation process. Read More ›

David Coppedge
David Coppedge was a system administrator on JPL’s international Cassini mission to Saturn until his supervisors demoted and ultimately fired him for advancing ideas that superiors labeled “unwelcome” and “disruptive.” Read More ›

Caroline Crocker
Caroline Crocker was reassigned to lab work and ultimately let go in spite of exceptional student reviews after she broached intelligent design and criticisms of the theory during a unit on evolution. Read More ›

Bryan Leonard
Bryan Leonard, a PhD student in science education at Ohio State University, was accused of unethical human experimentation and his dissertation process was suspended. Read More ›

Martin Gaskell
Martin Gaskell was a leading candidate to lead a student observatory at the University of Kentucky. When a previous talk entitled "Modern Astronomy, the Bible, and Creation" was discovered, the search committee decided to hire someone less qualified. Read More ›

Dean Kenyon
Dean Kenyon, after expressing criticisms of evolution in class in his own field of expertise, was reassigned and silenced. Read More ›

Roger DeHart
Roger DeHart, a popular Biology teacher, supplemented the prescribed curriculum on evolution with information on intelligent design and scientific criticism of evolution. He was initially censored, and ultimately reassigned. Read More ›

Granville Sewell
Dr. Granville Sewell, a tenured professor of mathematics and author of over 50 journal articles and four academic books on numerical analysis, wrote a technical article challenging unguided evolution. After a hostile blogger complained, the peer-reviewed article went unpublished without due process. Read More ›