Free Science

Every day, scientific discovery is held back as questions are stifled by intimidation, academic reprisal, and scientific orthodoxies.

A Biologist and Journal Editor

Richard Sternberg published a peer reviewed article by intelligent design proponent Stephen Meyer. As a result, Sternberg lost access to his office, to specimens, and to research assistance. Staff of the U.S. House of Representatives led an inquiry. Read More ›

A Professor of Physics

Eric Hedin explored intelligent design among other topics in an interdisciplinary course. For this he was investigated and his course canceled. Read More ›


Free Speech
& Education


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
This documentary brought the issue of academic freedom to the limelight, showcasing examples of campus censorship of professors and students guilty of being interested in an alternative explanation of life called Intelligent Design. Read More ›

Fact, Myth, and the Scopes Monkey Trial
As Phillip Johnson recounts, some myths are too good to be true. The popular narrative of the "Scopes Monkey Trial" is just such a myth: tired, misleading, and still distorting dialogue about evolution. Read More ›