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Free Science

What can you do, right now?

The change you want to see won’t happen by chance. Free science is a worthy goal. Time to make a plan, and act.


1. Host an Event

A film screening provides a great opportunity to build community awareness about intelligent design and the debate over evolution! One film you might show:

  • Revolutionary, which recounts the story of Michael Behe and others and the resistance they’ve encountered for supporting intelligent design. This video is now available to view free online.

Screenings can be for a small audience or can be a high-profile type of event that will raise the issue and help foster discussion about the issue. For ideas on more videos to show, contact us.

Why and how to host an event.

2. Like, Share, and Gift

The most effortless way to be a part of freeing science is simply to like and share our news and stories on social media. Spreading the word does make a difference, so why not share an article or story right now?

Each of the following books contain stories of how scientific research paths are blocked by the reigning paradigm in the sciences. Perfect for that interested friend, family member or coworker!

3. Start an IDEA or CSC Chapter

We are teaming up with the IDEA Center (Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) to help students in starting an IDEA chapter on their campus. Such campus clubs are a fun and educational way for students to examine all sides of the debate over evolution. Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Clubs are student-initiated clubs that foster academic freedom as students learn about scientific evidence that supports intelligent design and also learn about modern evolutionary theory.

Science & Culture Network Chapters are local/regional affiliated groups dedicated to supporting the mission of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (CSC) to, among other goals, protecting academic freedom in the sciences to explore the theory that life and the universe are the result of intelligent design.

Get Started Now.