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Urgently Need Help? If your right to freedom of inquiry on evolution is being challenged, or if you are experiencing persecution for heterodox views on origins, we can help. We have years of experience and use great discretion in providing counsel.
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When teaching high school biology, present the scientific controversy over evolution. Please contact us; we have years of experience and would be happy to give you information and tools.


We encourage you to teach your children about intelligent design at home! Learning about science shouldn’t start and end in the classroom. Our curriculum appropriate for school-aged children includes:

Explore Evolution

Use this complete curriculum (textbook, DVD, outlines and lesson plans, test bank, and Powerpoint presentations) to teach the evidence for and against modern evolutionary theory. Note: This curriculum does not cover intelligent design; it only examines modern evolutionary theory.

Discovering Intelligent Design

This science curriculum (textbook, workbook, online companion, and DVD) presents the best evidence from physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and related fields that provide evidence that nature is the product of intelligent design rather than blind unguided processes. (Designed for use by home schools and private schools, not public schools.)

Icons of Evolution

Use this book, study guide, and DVD to critically examine key evidences offered in support of the modern theory of evolution.

School Boards

Make sure that teachers in your district are encouraged and equipped to present the scientific controversy over evolution. You can do this by examining your academic freedom and supplemental curriculum policies. Please contact us for model policies and more. Do NOT push intelligent design into the school curriculum.


Academic freedom legislation has the limited goal of encouraging educators and students to explore the evidence surrounding scientifically controversial topics. There are both resolutions and bills. If you think your state government would be favorable (or even passionate!) about protecting scientific inquiry in schools, try running some legislation!

The Center for Science and Culture comes alongside state and local policymakers who want to promote policies that allow for critical thinking about issues of human origins and the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution. Please contact us as you proceed – we are happy to help you navigate this!


When teaching evolution, consider presenting the scientific controversy over Darwin’s theory.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Your priority is to finish your degree and launch your career. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. The time to voice your support is down the road a little!