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Free Science

How can you get involved and spread the message about scientific criticisms of evolution? One way to help advance understanding of the weaknesses of Neo-Darwinism is to host an event in your community for your contacts and friends.


Why consider organizing an event? What would the event be about?

  • Provides opportunity to build awareness about scientific criticisms of evolution.
  • Generates community support for academic freedom and intelligent design.
  • If there is a local speaker available, he/she could give a talk.
  • Or, one could host a showing of a video. We can help you with identifying what might be appropriate for your group.
  • We do not favor mandating the teaching of intelligent design in public schools in grades K-12 (see our science education policy). However, it is fine for private groups to rent public facilities not only to challenge evolution, but also to present intelligent design. 

Where could the event be held?

  • Most public schools have policies allowing for the rental of their facilities. Check with your school district.
  • This is a good way to make a stand. If challenged about your use of a public school facility for presenting scientific criticisms of evolution, this is an equal-access issue and your position stands on firm legal ground.
  • Other places: Churches, home school groups, university campuses or other groups.

If you are considering hosting an event and have questions/would like more information, please feel free to contact us.